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Tax Notebook - Organizer

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We are pleased to announce that we are now offering an alternative to completing the paper version of the Tax Organizer for 2012.  You now have the option of submitting your Tax Organizer online using Tax Notebook!  Tax Notebook is a web-based tax organizer that allows you to conveniently use your home computer to provide us with your tax data.  Simply link to the Tax Notebook designed exclusively for you, answer all questions, and complete relevant sections of the Tax Notebook online.  When your Tax Notebook is complete, you can print a copy of the notebook for your own records, and then submit your tax data to us with a click of the button.  Your information is always secure and will not be seen by anyone outside of our firm.  If you are interested in using Tax Notebook rather than completing the paper version of the Tax Organizer, please call us and we will forward you a User ID and password.  Likewise, if you have any questions about Tax Notebook, we would be happy to provide you with additional information regarding this Internet tool.
If you have already requested and received your User ID and password please click the logo below and follow the online instructions.